Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Idea #1 - Postcards

Monday is my favorite day of the week.  It hasn't always been that way.  Before I joined the workforce to help finance Mason's mission, Monday was always cleaning day.  Get the kids off to school then clean the whole house top to bottom.  I was raised with cleaning day being on Saturday the theory being that the house would be spic and span for Sunday worship - didn't always work that way but it was a theory.  I tried that for a number of years and it just wasn't working for me so I changed it.  Mom's can do that.  If I clean on Monday the house can stay relatively clean for the whole week.  I don't mind cleaning. I love the feeling and the smell of a clean house but there are always other things I'd rather be doing.  Now, I work on Monday so the cleaning happens whenever it happens and we've learned to survive.  So why is Monday my favorite day of the week?  Simple.  Monday is P-day in the Ohio Columbus Mission and sometimes I manage to get online at the same time as Mason and we have a few minutes that we can email back and forth.  I love it!

Almost a year ago, during one of these wonderful email opportunities, Mason mentioned the four inch stack of mail that he was trying to get through.  You have to know Mason.  He likes to reply to each and every piece of mail with a personal message back to you.  Well, a missionary's time is finite.  I tried to tell him that but then I remembered the average of fourteen letters a p-day that I used to pump out while on my mission.  Pondering upon this in the weeks to come I had an epiphany.  Postcards! 

At the time my daughter was planning her wedding.  I contacted the company making her invitations and thank you cards and asked if they could make postcards as well.  They were all over the idea.  I found a photo of Mason and his companion and emailed it to them and within a few short days I had them in my hot little hands.  They are on a postcard weight cardstock.  Photo on the front with Mason's name and mission.  The back has his return address in one corner, line down the center, and three lines for the mailing address.  Just like a real postcard.  I had the printer print the Mission Home address so that he would get his mail even when he gets transferred.  Since then I have had another set made through Inkley's in Layton, Utah.  They were so helpful and willing to set up a template and print them for me.  The weight is not as heavy but they seem to come through the mail just fine.

The cost for either place is dependant on how many postcards you have made.  The more you make, the lower the price.  For just a small number of cards I would recommend going through Inkley's or some other comparable print shop.  I ordered the first set through Beautiful Wedding Announcements.  They were amazing to work with and invited me to send as many photos as I liked as there was no additonal charge for changing information on the cards.  I was able to order postcard Thank You's for the wedding and postcards for Mason.  You could contact other missionary mom's and get together on one order to lower the price.

For more information on postcards through Beautiful Wedding Announcements, email collette@beautifulweddingannouncements.com)

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