Friday, January 17, 2014

Cheesecake! It's a tradition

Matt and I share a birthday.  He was the best birthday present ever and I have always loved sharing our birthdays.  Mom's and Dad's tend to get a little passed over when it comes to celebrating their birthdays at least that's what happens at our house.  However, ever since Matthew was born we ALWAYS have a cake, we ALWAYS go out to lunch (well, except for that one year when he was 16 and a bunch of GIRLS took him to lunch.  Lame.), and we ALWAYS go do something as a family. Can you see why I love sharing my birthday?

Matt's favorite cake is a Dulce de Leche Cheesecake.  I found a couple of places online that will deliver cheesecakes and decided upon Gourmet Gift Baskets at  Their customer reviews were all good and their price point was the best that I had found.  Lucky for me Matt was just transferred last Monday and he and his companion are now living with a member family.  With the help of the local bishop's wife in his new Seattle ward, I was able to track down the family and their address and I had the cheesecake mailed directly to them because FedEx does not like to deliver to apartments.  It was's tradition, and it's his birthday...and my baby's a missionary...what'cha gonna do?

DIY - Chalk Board Letters

This is another way fun and super inexpensive creative letter idea.  I went to the local thrift store - I'm from Utah so for us that's Deseret Industries aka 'the DI' or 'the D & I' as my kids called it when they were little.  I'm sure that there are other thrift stores around but the D & I is pretty prevalent around these parts.  I picked up three picture frames.  The prices ranged from $1-$5.  Not bad.

frames (with glass)
spray paint in different fun colors

Look for frames with some character.  Wood will work better than metals because the paint will stick better.  Size doesn't matter though a larger frame will allow you to write more. 

1) Clean the frames.

2)  Take the frames apart - remove the backing and the glass.  Usually there are just some clips on the back that you can either move aside or bend which allow you to add a photo. 

3) Clean the glass.

4)  Spray the glass with chalkboard spray paint and allow to dry thoroughly.  I picked some up from the local hardware store for less than $5.  I thought that the spray would go on smoother and not leave brush marks but if you have chalkboard paint, by all means, use what you have.

5)  Spray paint the frames.

6)  After everything is dry, reassemble your frames.

There you have it!

I had the kids use chalkboard markers because I thought the writing would show up better in the photos. They were a little pricey I thought - $12 for a pack of five markers but they've lasted a long time.  I found them at the craft store. I used a spray bottle with water and a towel for easy cleanup which made the chalkboards nice and black again ready for the next persons letter.  Don't use a paper towel for the cleanup.  Your chalkboard will shred it to pieces.  Nasty mess.

Happy Birthday Photo Book

I picked up some 4x6 photo albums at WalMart a while back for $1.  That's the regular price so this little project is sure to NOT break the bank which will keep my cute hubby happy and still allow me to keep my missionary happy with packages.

You'll want to change the album covers that it comes with.  Just open up the front and back covers and slip the old one out and use it for a template for your new covers.  I was doing this for Matt's birthday and I wanted to make it coordinate with the rest of his package (see here and here and here and here) so I used the free printable that I had already downloaded from Kiki at I Heart Naptime for my new cover.  Simply open a new document and cut and paste it in from your file.  Re-size to make it fit the dimensions of your photo album.

I wanted to add some kind of title for the front cover so using Photoshop I designed a missionary name badge.  Took gobs and gobs of time to figure out what fonts to use that were somewhat close.  It looked incredible and I was so excited...until...I accidentally stumbled upon a site from the church that said we're not supposed to do/create anything that mimics the church logo.  Darn.  It looked to Photoshop...delete, delete, delete...using the same style of font I just inserted his name, his mission and his birth date because, after-all it's for his birthday.  Hope I've changed this up enough that it doesn't look too official but still looks 'missionary-ish.' (see top photo) Gosh. Following the rules is tough sometimes.  Did I mention that it looked amazing? (murmur, murmur, murmur...)

When the family was at our New Year's Game Day I snapped photos of each family holding some birthday props.  This would be way cute with some dress up hats or boas or some mustaches on sticks.  CUTE!!  Man!  I just may have to do this again...   

(My brother looks thrilled, doesn't he?  I'm sure he's thinking..."Sheesh!  Another project?!"  
I think he's learned that it's easier to just humor me.)

Then using some chalkboards that I had made when Mason was out (see here for that fun idea), each person wrote a personal message to Matt with their birthday wishes.  

(my cute niece who will leave for Bolivia in March 2014)

Place them all inside your photo album and ta-da!!!  Done.  Your missionary will love it!  AND another perk? This will fit nicely inside a small Flat Rate box from the USPS with just enough room for a few treats.  Easy peasy and way inexpensive.  Have fun!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's raining in Seattle...AGAIN!!

It's raining in Seattle again.  I know.  Shocking, isn't it?  We're making the best of it though and sending Matt an umbrella for his birthday.  He already has one but he doesn't have one quite like this one.  I am so excited!   (wink!  Thanks, Pinterest and The Seasonal Home!)

Supplies:          umbrella                                               tape
                        curly ribbon                                          scissors
                        $$$  (in a variety of denominations)

Cut ribbon into strands measuring two feet in length.

Curl each piece of ribbon with scissors.
(Don't know how?  Click here.)

Tape one end of the curled ribbon to one end of each bill.

Side note:  Jeff came in and took all of the bills...brought them back a few minutes later IRONED!!!  ...and they call ME anal!  They do look nicer though...I think I'll keep him.

Open the umbrella and tie each ribbon onto the umbrella supports inside.  Just tie an overhand when you start to tie your shoe (That is called an overhand knot, isn't it?  It's been awhile since Cubs...) 

Anything more than a single knot is going to be a pain for your missionary to untie and I want mine to be able to use the umbrella should he need another one.  Don't tie the end of the ribbon to the support.  Tie it somewhere in the middle so you have a curly streamer to hang down next to the bill. It'll look like there's a PARTY goin' on under there!

Can you believe there's 25 individual bills tied under there?  Doesn't look like that many...

Close your umbrella part way.  Tuck all of the bills and streamers inside.  I found it easier to put my half-closed umbrella on the floor, tuck everything in and then push it closed.

Not wanting Matt to just toss the umbrella aside until the next rainy Seattle day, I tied a ribbon around it with a card attached that said, "OPEN ME!!"  Think he'll get the hint?  I had a 'Happy Birthday' printable from I Heart Nap Time that I had downloaded a while ago.  I just re-sized it to the size I wanted it to be and printed the 'open me' message on the back. 

Don't you just love it?  It's free and comes in a 16x20 print.
You can get information on the 'Happy Birthday' printable by clicking on the image above
or by visiting
Thanks Eileen from The Seasonal Home for the awesome idea!

Consecrated Oil Vial

Matt mentioned that he would like a new Consecrated Oil Vial for his birthday.  We bought him one as soon as he was ordained an Elder but somehow the top and the bottom became...separated?  All that was hanging from his shoulder bag one day was the top and the key chain fob.  My husband doesn't like how he can never tell how much is left in his vial so I thought I should probably start looking around to see what's out there.  Well, there's lots out there!  Here's the one that I like:

I like how it's classic i.e. pretty.  I especially like that it has an internal glass reservoir; which will solve Jeff's problem of never knowing how much oil is left AND it also has a rubber O-ring seal to prevent leakage along with a key chain.  It even comes with a small bottle of extra-virgin olive oil.  Make sure to consecrate it!

Music: The Lower Lights - a Hymn Revival

Ye Elders of Israel
Come, Ye Children of the Lord
Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me
Secret Prayer
Count Your Blessings
If You Could Hie to Kolob
Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy
Israel, Israel, God is Calling
The Lord is My Shepherd
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
We Thank Thee, Oh God, For a Prophet
For the Beauty of the Earth
There is a Green Hill Far Away
Sweet Hour of Prayer
This Little Light of Mine

I love this album!  Right from the very first beat of Ye Elders of Israel it will have you tapping your toe and dancing.  The Lower Lights is a group of 20 musicians who beat, strum and pluck their way through the hymnal in a Lady Antebellum - Bluegrass-ie way  This one will be hard to send off in the mail though knowing how much my missionary is going to love it makes it a wee bit easier.

Music - "The Lower Lights - A Hymn Revival" volume 2

Lead, Kindly Light
I Saw the Light
Calling You
Be Thou My Vision
I Stand all Amazed
Go Down, Moses
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Nearer, My God, to Thee
I Need Thee Every Hour
Where Can I Turn For Peace?
Where He Leads Me
The Christian Life
Where the Soul of Man Never Dies
We Are all Enlisted
God Be With You Till We Meet Again

If your missionary likes Country music (which mine does) then they will probably enjoy The Lower Lights version of these revival hymns.  My husband compares it to the same style as Lady Antebelum...hmmm, I'm not quite so sure ...maybe folksie-bluegrass?  Though all of these hymns are not in our hymnal, I'm sure they are in someones!

cRaZy Cards!

I don't know what they're really called but I call them cRaZy cards because they are just CRAZY and I think they're a HOOT!  You know...the cards that you open and they talk?  They're not the music ones...they talk...and they're funny!  We sent some to Mason when he was on his mission and he thought they were hilarious so we knew Matt would love them as well.  They are a little on the pricey side, for a card at least but he'll only get them once while he's out on his mission.  Gotta change things up for the next birthday!

I like to get comfortable (picture THAT in the grocery store!, wait) and settle in for the long haul and of them.  I have to find the absolute perfect card to fit everyone's personality.  So far I've always been able to do it.  There are a few companies that make cards but the only ones that I've been able to find that 'talk' as opposed to play music is Peek-a-Boo Innovations from Hallmark with Hoops and Yoyo (  

This one was the perfect one for Jeff and I to send...

(outside of card)
Remember when you were born?
Let's review!

(inside of card)
basically, there was a little crying
and then
a whole lotta AWWWWW!
sigh, it was a good day.


This was our screaming - aahhhhh!
...then there was some crying - wahhhhhh!
...and a little bit of anger - You got me into this!
...then the weather broke, the clouds parted, and there were angels! - aaaaaaa!
...and little harps - brriinnng, brriinnng, brriinnng!
...and a little bit of confusion - What?!
...and then there was - Awwwww, look at the little baby, so cute!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Don't open until Christmas!

Matt and I had an "understanding" this Christmas.  He was to open every package that came to him from me.  If the contents were wrapped then he was to put them under the tree to open on Christmas morning. If the contents were not wrapped then he could take them out to enjoy during the holidays - like Christmas treats and decorations, etc.  I figured that if I wrote 'Do Not Open Until Christmas' on the outside of the box that would be a little too obvious that gifts were enclosed and someone might nab them off his porch before Matt got back to his apartment.

I put together a stocking for Matt and his companion and mailed them separately in the medium Flat Rate box from USPS.  I didn't want to wrap the stocking but I didn't want him to open it until Christmas morning either so I made a printable to put on top. 

1)  Line your box with tissue paper.
2) Place stocking and other 'Christmas morning' items inside.
3) Fold the tissue paper over the contents.
4) Place printable on top and tape box closed.

For step by step instructions on making the missionary stocking below, click here.
Note:  The tie can be removed for your missionary to wear

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas 2013

This year I told the kids that they all had to come up with a gift to send to Matt for Christmas.  The only criteria I gave them was that it couldn't be too big.  Then they each wrote a personal Christmas card to go along with their gift.  Here are some of their ideas:

Greetings from Europe!
My daughter Rebekah recently returned from a trip to Europe with her Aunt Cindy and a couple of other girls.  It was the trip of a lifetime!  Bek worked hard and saved enough to pay for her trip along with one year of college including room and board.  It took her a couple of years, but she did it.  They were gone for seventeen days and traveled to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Belgium.  While there, Bek mailed a post card to Matt from every one of their stops along the way. Knowing that Matt has a sweet tooth, she purchased different kinds of candy from the various countries.  When she got home, she whipped up these cute bag toppers using Photoshop.  She also sent a deflated Rugby ball that she bought for her Rugby playing brother when she was in Ireland. Matt loved it!

Burnt offerings anyone?
I think Colin actually made the best personal/practical gift for Matt.  In his seventh grade Life Skills class they made aprons out of dishtowels.  They turned out so awesome!  Colin also included a bottle of our favorite steak seasoning with $20 wrapped around the bottle so Matt can go buy a steak for he and his companion.  Have you ever tried Spade L?  Man, oh man, oh MAN!  You will NEVER go back!  It is a meat seasoning with flavors for beef, pork, chicken and fish.  We have the one for beef in our food storage...yup, it's just that important to us.

- click on above image to be taken to FDC for step by step apron instructions -

The aprons looked pretty simple to make - I was volunteering in the class the day they worked on them. I found a pattern for the exact one on FDC Factory Direct Craft (  The instructions are for a child size and it tells you to cut the towel in half if it is for a 'small' child.  Don't cut it and it will be the perfect size for an adult. 

Choose the Right!
Maren decided that she wanted to send some CTR rings for Matt to give out to not only the children of investigators but for him to give to children when he's out tracting.  Her idea was this:  If Matt is out tracting and he can see that the person has children...even if the parent isn't interested in their message, he can ask if he can leave a gift for the children.  He can explain to the children that they are to wear the ring on their right hand (unless they're a 'leftie').  Whenever the reach out to do something, the ring will remind them to always choose the right!  What parent wouldn't want that?... AND this small, simple message will stay with the parent...and maybe, just maybe that seed will grow and be ready to harvest when the next missionary's come knocking.  

We picked up the CTR rings for $1 each at our local Distribution Center located in Deseret Book. Don't have a Distribution Center near you?  No can order them online by clicking here or visit and they'll be mailed right to your door...well, to your mailbox at least. You can even order them in 28 different languages if you're ordering online.  Cool huh?!?  We put them all in a little drawstring bag so Matt could just keep them in the pocket of his shoulder bag. Do you think they'll ever go back to backpacks?  Hopefully not for the next two years...those shoulder bags are pricey!

My gift for Matt this year was a framed family photo.  We had it taken two days before he left on his mission.  He took a photo with him but it was an older one...Matt is the tall one on the back row. Isn't he cute?

What did you send your missionary for Christmas?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Send post cards

Whenever you go anywhere that is different than where you usually are...grab yourself some post cards to send to your missionary.  If anyone else is going to be there that knows your missionary...grab some for them as well.  This past summer Jeff and I went on a business trip to San Francisco for a KFC convention.  My friends and family were great sports to write post cards to Matt.

Missionaries LOVE mail!  They don't care who it's from or the size or shape. They just want to know that they're not forgotten and what's going on at home. Make it easy on yourself and others by bringing labels (return and for your missionary), and post card stamps with you on your trip.  If you purchase the post cards and have them already pre-stamped and addressed, it is much easier for someone to just jot a few lines and hand it back to you and you can pop it in the mail.  Most hotels have a gift shop that sells post cards and they also have daily mail pickup. Just ask at the front desk.  Some hotels even have free post cards of the hotel.

Make a Photo Book!

Every year my kids look forward to the Bouwhuis Family Camp Out.  We've been holding it for years and years and it is one of the traditions that my kids want to make sure we keep on doing when they have kids.  I have ten siblings and we all take turns planning the event though everyone is more than willing to pitch in and help with the planning.  The planner gets to plan the where, the when and the food.  

I wanted Matt to feel like he was included and missed so I took lots of photos and had them developed into 3x5 size.  I took a pack of  3x5 index cards and some pens and markers to the camp out and had everyone write messages to Matt then included them randomly in with the photos.

Make a punch template using a spare 3x5 index card.  Use this template as a guide so that all your holes are lined up and your stack will be neat and tidy...yup, my OCD is always kicking in...OR your could take the entire stack to the copy shop and have them drill the holes.

Make a cover and a back for your Photo Book. 
Print it out onto heavy card stock and laminate it for durability.  

Add some large rings to the top and're done!
The whole thing will fit into a small Flat Rate box with just enough room for a little treat...
Almond Joy's for my fellow coconut lover.  
There's only two of us in the family.  
Sad for them.  
Good for US.
We never have to share!
(insert evil, maniacal laugh here)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Primary - "Happy Birthday" Poster

In our Primary, the kids make a "Happy Birthday" poster for each of the missionaries serving from our ward. It is so much fun to put together and the missionaries and kids both LOVE it!  It takes only a bit of prep time to pull together and seems to get faster every time...because I never change the basic design. Call me lazy or call me smart. I choose smart.

I pick up 2 yards of butcher paper from the local craft store.  I usually buy enough for a few posters at a time and just put a rubber band around each roll and keep it in the closet until I need it. Depending on the butcher paper, you may need to cut it down the side to make it a little narrower so it will fit on a door at the church.

Using a wide tipped black marker I write my message at the top of the poster and then draw candles along the bottom edge.  Seriously this takes less than five minutes.

Now, using colored pencils, just scribble around the outer edge of each letter.
Any kind of colored pencils will work (although my daughter and I are partial to Prismacolor) or you could use crayons.  Don't use markers.  You'll go through at least one set with every poster you do!
Don't worry about being 'neat'.  It actually looks better a bit kind of project!

Color in the candles along the bottom edge...
You certainly don't have to do 'candles', I used to do 'cupcakes' but candles 
are much faster to draw and color.

I tape the poster onto a door just outside the Primary room and put a box of markers on a chair (just something inexpensive that won't soak through the poster and leave the birthday message on the door - like Crayola for example).  I also post a note on the other side of the door that says, "Please use other door" so the kids don't get bowled over when the Sunday School class that meets on the stage gets dismissed.

Quietly pull the kids out three or four at a time until everyone has written a message.  I don't usually pull out the Sunbeam's.  With the Senior Primary you can just instruct them that as one child comes back in another one can leave, row by row until they're all finished.  Anyone who walks by is more than welcome to write a birthday message and I always make sure that their family knows we're working on their missionary's birthday poster that week so they can write as well.

I purchase square mailing tubes from my local post office ($3.99) - round ones tend to be a bit pricey.  Call their moms and ask what the missionary's favorite candy or treat is and put in a couple of small bags.  Some missionary's like healthy snacks so you could add some protein bars or small bags of nuts or fruit rolls.  Before closing it up I like to write a quick note on a PostIt inviting the missionary to send a note or postcard back to the Primary.  The Primary kids don't know that I do this but they are THRILLED beyond THRILLED whenever a thank you note gets read to them in Primary.  Sometimes we even get a photo sent back showing the missionary with their poster.  Awesome!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

"My Wish For You" - New Year Crackers

I haven't ever sent my boys anything for New bad...I just couldn't come up with any ideas and they had just received a plethora of packages for all the holidays from Halloween to Christmas so I've always just let it slide on by.  While sitting with my 'soon to be Sunbeam' Nursery kids during Singing Time in Junior Primary the music leader let the kids pull Christmas Crackers and sing the song that was hidden inside.  Super cute idea!  So, I guess I owe this bit of inspiration to Lesli... Thanks, Lesli!  This project does NOT need to be sent out in time for the new year.  It is YOUR wish for THEM in the new year and could easily be sent any time during the early part of the year.

First of all...what exactly is a Cracker?

While Crackers can be found in the United States they are predominately found in European countries during the Christmas season and at other celebrations throughout the year and have been around since the Victorian era.    They have a small strip of paper at the end hidden within the tissue that has a tiny bit of aggregate on it which makes a popping sound when you pull it.  Yeah.  Mine don't have that although I have been told that you can find these strips online.  What CAN'T you find online?  

Crackers typically hold very little; usually a paper crown, a riddle or joke and a small gift or novelty item.  Mine include "My wish for you..." notes from family members, confetti, candy and some money (not much, just enough for lunch out).  At parties, Crackers are typically used to decorate an individual place setting and are opened prior to the meal being served.  Party goers would pull the Crackers to open them and then don their party crowns prior to eating creating a fun atmosphere as well as a gift for the party guest.

empty toilet paper rolls
tissue paper
small gift
Yield = 4 Crackers

I learn better by seeing and doing so here are detailed photo instructions:

Start off by making the 'Happy New Year' Cracker 'band' that will go around the middle and hide your perforations as the glitter glue will take a little bit of time to dry.  

I used Stickles Glitter Glue that I found at my local scrapbooking store.  Use whatever kind you would like but I liked how the tip was almost the same size as the 'dots' on my lettering so it was pretty quick to finish up.  It will be much easier to cut your bands apart prior  to applying the glitter glue.  You'll just have to trust me on that one...

The glitter glue comes in a variety of colors so match it with your color theme.  (Please tell me that I'm not the only one that thinks of 'color themes'...)  I used gold and silver for my theme.  Confetti seemed to be a bit harder to find than I had thought it would be so you might want to start there first and develop your color theme around what you can find.

Now, on to the Crackers:

Cut your toilet paper roll in half.

Cut a single sheet of tissue paper into fourths.
Need more detail?
Here you go:

Lay a full sheet of tissue paper on a flat surface.

 Note:  Each full sheet of tissue paper will provide enough paper for 4 individual crackers.

Fold the tissue paper UP from the bottom and crease along the fold line along the bottom edge.

Cut in half using the center line as a guide.

Note:  This will give you two long, 
narrow pieces of tissue paper.

Now cut the two pieces in half
along the bottom fold line.

Note:  You should now have four equal sized pieces of tissue paper.

Stack the tissue paper on top of each other,
 fold lengthwise and crease.
Open up your stack and press flat.

Using the center crease as a guide,
 make perforations using an UNTHREADED 
sewing machine.

Note:  The goal here is to make tiny holes
 that will help the tissue tear easily
 when the Cracker is pulled.
Take one piece of your cut tissue and using the perforations as a guide, line up the center 'cut' of the two half's of your Cracker and roll.

Tie one end closed using a piece of curly ribbon.

Now you get to fill your cracker
 with all sorts of fun little things...

Keeping in my color theme of gold and silver
I used Rolo's, Hershey Kisses and Hershey Nuggets, confetti, money and the folded up slips of paper are the New Year wishes (see below).

I took a notebook to a recent family party
and while there had everyone write their
"Wish for Matthew" in the New Year.

I later typed them into the computer so I could change the font to something small and tight.  I used Arial Narrow.  Even the longest of entries was small enough to fit into my Cracker.  After printing them out I simply cut them apart and folded them up.

Fill your crackers...

...then tie the open end closed
with a piece of curly ribbon.

Call me a worry wart ... I was worried that the cracker wouldn't pull apart in the middle like I wanted it to so my husband suggested that I encourage things along a bit by cutting a few slits in the paper. Using a sharp knife, cut a few slits in the tissue paper using the perforations as a guide.

Decorate the ends of your Cracker with additional curly ribbon.  Here's how I did it...

Cut three pieces of two foot long curly ribbon.
Using the sharp edge of your scissors and holding the ribbon on the blade of the scissors with your thumb, quickly pull the ribbon...Voila!

Follow this process for each of the 
three pieces of ribbon. 

Stack all three pieces of curled ribbon on top of each other like in the photo on the left...

Place this stack on top of the end of your Cracker as shown and tie a knot with the 'tails' to hold it in place.

Glue or tape the 'band' around the center of your Cracker covering the perforations and slits.

Punching a whole in the end; attach a name tag if you are making enough for their mission companion and tie it on to the Cracker with the 'tails'... curl the 'tails.'

I made my tag by re-sizing a free printable that I downloaded from eighteen25 years ago.  It's one of my favorite printables and we have it hanging in our entryway (see the photo at the beginning of this post) at the beginning of every year.  Download the printable and just cut and paste it into a document.  Grab the corners to make it any size you desire.  By holding down the 'shift' key you can keep the proper proportions.

Click here to view the free Happy New Year printable from eighteen25.

We tested the crackers out a couple of times and they worked perfectly!

I put a couple of other little goodies in this package:
It's New Years which brings to mind goals and resolutions.
I found this free printable from Darling Doodles that was perfect!
It even fit my color scheme!

This is a full 8.5 x 11 printable and I wanted it to fit in their scriptures so again,
download, then paste into a document and re-size to whatever size you desire.
I turned my paper to 'landscape' and fit two on a page...

Click here to view the free What a Year it Will Be printable from

The other day I watched a new video from the Mormon Channel called
New Years:  Look Not Behind Thee
I was really touched by the thoughts that were discussed
and created this free printable which I also included in my package.
Great advice for the New Year; for my missionary and for all of us...

Click here to download the above 5 x 7 printable.

Print onto white cardstock.  Write in the last name of each missionary before attaching to Cracker.

Everything fits nicely into the small Flat Rate box.  You can fit three crackers into a box (for those missionaries that are in companionships of three).  Don't forget to include a goal sheet
for each of them. Wrap everything in coordinating (...of course!) tissue paper.
Place Cracker 'definition' card on top of the package which will instruct the missionary
what to do with their Cracker i.e. "...and pops when pulled sharply at both ends."

Ta'da!  Finished!

Even though this is a tremendously LONG post, making the Crackers only took about
30 minutes and was a lot of fun to make.  Your missionary will absolutely LOVE them...

Happy New Year!!