Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Idea #5

Man!  The time is just flying by until Christmas!  I thought I had better hurry and get the photos posted of Mason's Christmas stocking in case you want to whip one up for your missionary.  We did this last year and it was fast and relatively inexpensive to put together so we decided to give it another go this year.

You can pick up these inexpensive Christmas stockings virtually anywhere.  I bought mine at Walmart - because I was there picking up some other items.  I'm sure that you could pick one up at your local Dollar Store or maybe you have some spare ones laying around in your Christmas decorations.  This is a very easy project to make and will only take a few minutes of your time.  Promise!

Cut a slit up the center of the white cuff of the stocking leaving about half an inch at the top.  Fold under the corners of both sides to form your missionary's collar.  Sew small buttons to each collar point.  Tie a tie around each stocking. Voila!  I told you it was easy!

It can be rather difficult, ok, really difficult to tie a nice looking tie around a limp and lifeless stocking no matter how cute it is so I asked my son, Matt to do that part.  He thinks my ties look like they were tied by one of my Cub Scouts anyway.  (I'm trying to decide if I should take offense at that comment...I think not.  There is no disputing the fact that his Windsor Knot looks much better than how the Wolf Book tells you to teach the boys...moving on.) Because the tie is a man's tie that they will be able to remove and wear (or trade with other missionaries if my taste in ties is not quite up to par with theirs), the tie will be much too long for the stocking.  Just adjust to the desired length and fold the tie in the back.  The stocking cuff will keep your tie in place during shipping.

It would be really easy to make this for a Sister missionary as well by adding some lace around the cuff and maybe a nice pin, some buttons or just adding one of those cute flower hair clips that are all the rage at the moment.  Just clip it to the cuff of the stocking.  So cute!

I sent my neice and her companion's stocking in the same Large Flat Rate Box and they fit very nicely.  Mason has transferrs the week of Christmas, so I sent his and his companion's in separate boxes, just in case. 

My friend Becky found this missionary stocking at Tai Pan Trading (taipantrading.com) for $13 that was just darling.  Thanks for sharing, Becky!  I apologize for the awful photo.  I'd like to blame it on my camera phone but it was probably because I didn't have my glasses and didn't realize it was somewhat blurry.  It's an age thing - you probably wouldn't understand. . .consider yourself lucky. 

Have fun stuffing whatever stocking you choose with fun, personal things for your missionary!

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