Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday - A Carnivore's Delight!

The Freight House
Last year Jeff and I went to Nauvoo with one of my missionary companions and her husband.  We had an amazing time and everywhere we went, we had spectacular food.  Not just good food, AMAZING food!  We flew into to Kansas City and that night went to Jack Stack Barbecue.  The whole meal I'm thinking, "Mason would love this!"  Mason and I, and most of the rest of the family for that matter, are total carnivores.  On our way out I asked the hostess if they ever did mail order..."YES!"  So she gave me a catalogue and for the next 6 months I anticipated Mason's birthday gift!

We ordered the Freight House - "a bountiful feast that will satisfy every one's craving." (Serves 4-6)
Pork Spare Ribs (one full slab)
Beef Burnt Ends (1 lb.)
Hickory Pit Beans (16 oz.)
Cheesy Corn Bake (16 oz.)
KC Original BBQ Sauce (12 oz.)

For Mason's first birthday in the mission field he was serving on the campus of Ohio State ("Go Buckeyes!") and was living in an apartment with three other missionaries.  I wanted to make sure that there was plenty so I ordered an extra half slab of ribs.  I was assured that the sides would be plenty for four growing men. 
This year, Mason didn't want anything for his birthday but was thrilled when he discovered that we were planning on sending ribs again so invited his whole District to join the festivities.  One of the Elders who was living with him at Ohio State is now serving in the Mission Home and was given permission to join the feast during District Meeting.  He showed up with a box of toothpicks!  How cute is that? 

Although the website is set up so that you can place your order online, I always call them personally to place my order.  You can find the phone number on their website.  I like that a representative helps to walk me through the ordering process and helps me to figure out exactly how much to order.  Jack Stack's has great monthly specials as well.  The first year I was able to get "buy one half slab and get the next half slab FREE" and this year the special was "FREE shipping."  The representatives have always been amazingly helpful in giving me the most food for my dollar.   Total cost out the door for my order was less than $120 both years - which included the extra ribs, sauce and shipping. 

Your order will be shipped in a cooler packed in enough dry ice to last for the two days of shipping.  They won't ship over the weekend because they want your food to arrive as fresh as possible and don't want it to be sitting in a facility over the weekend.  This might make it so that your package won't arrive on your missionary's exact birthday but Mason didn't seem to mind one little bit.

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