Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching so I thought I'd share what we sent to our missionaries and their companions last year.  (I had to save a FEW things so I'd have something to blog about after Mason came home, right?)
I had everything on hand for the "letter/craft" so I only needed to purchase the food items I was sending.  Overall a pretty inexpensive project and something a little different from a normal letter or email. The "letter/craft" was a little labor intensive but only because I was doing everything x4.  If you're only doing one for your missionary, you should be able to whip it up in a jiffy no problem.  If you're anything like me - time is totally an issue.
I found something similar to this last year on Pinterest, alas it is no longer there.  Have any of you ever lost multiple items that you've pinned.  Strange.  I would love to give credit where credit is due so if anyone has the link pinned somewhere, please drop me a line and let me know.  OK...hang onto your pants and we GO!
Items needed:
lunch sacks
decorative scissors (optional)
glue stick or tape runner
cardstock (to match your project)
ribbon - wide (about 1" x 5")
ribbon - narrow (for pull tabs)
embellishments (optional)

Using an ordinary lunch sack, fold the bottom flap down.
Cut off the bottom flap along your fold line.  This will make your bag 'open' on both ends and when the sack is folded in half will give you "pockets" for your letters.
Trim the bottom and the top edge of the sack with decorative scissors if desired.  I desired 'cause I'm kind of a dork that way...God is in the details, right?
Fold the bag in half and glue along the two edges that weren't trimmed
thus creating your "pocket."
Now you're going to have to do a bit of math.  It's OK.  You're big.  You can handle it. 
Each sack will make at least three "pockets."  If you need space for more than three letters, then you will need an additional sack(s) which will actually give you four more "pockets" per extra sack - because the back side of the first sack and the front side of the second sack can now be glued along the edges becoming a fourth "pocket".  Still with me?
Once you've figured out how many sacks you need, stack them all neatly together and stitch them together using your sewing machine.  Don't worry...I needed 10 "pockets" (3 sacks) and my wimpy little sewing machine handled it just fine.
Now use a scrap of decorative ribbon and fold it over the seam edge and stitch in place.

Decorate.  Remember those details? 
 I just cut out a simple felt heart and used letter stamps to spell out L O V E.  Easy.
I'm sure yours will look much more beautiful.

Using white cardstock, cut to the size of the pocket. 
My lunch sacks were just the average, run-of-the-mill size.  I cut my note cards 3.75" x 4".
Using scraps of ribbon, staple "pull tabs" to the edge of each notecard.  Make sure that you gradate them so they are staggered as shown.  Embelish.
All done!  There, that wasn't too bad was it?  Way cute!

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