Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Seems like only yesterday...

Seems like only yesterday that cute little Matt was carrying around his mitt, ball and bat everywhere he went.  He even used to sleep with them!  At the time, his favorite movie was The Sandlot and he would watch it at least once a day. 
For years we followed Matt around the baseball diamond.  Later we added the basketball court and later still the majestic Utah mountain ranges as he broadened his horizons and added snowboarding to his ever-growing list of talents. 
The two hardest workers that I know are Matt and his older brother, Mason (who returned from the Ohio Columbus Mission in July 2012).  Mason started a lawn mowing business when he was 12 and Matt has always mowed right along side him.  They both saved and bought their own trucks when they were sixteen.  When Mason left on his mission, Matt held down the fort (with some help from his little brother, Connor) more than doubling the clientele, keeping up with his schoolwork and working another job that would enable him to earn a four year college scholarship upon graduation.  Here's the clincher:  During those two long years of getting up early, working late, staying up all night sometimes to finish homework, sweating, sweating, sweating in the hot Utah sun, Matt didn't pay himself from the lawn mowing business.  He wanted to make sure that there was enough in the account to help with Mason's mission and for college when he came home.  Brotherly love...
And now...this morning...our Stake President hit the "send" button and my little boy, my cute little Matthew is waiting for his own mission call...broadening his horizons yet again...and I'm sad.  You know that happy, ecstatic sad when you know that they are beginning a grand adventure that will change them and others forever but you can't go...and you're going to miss them...a lot.
So, Matthew...Go forth and conquer!  We can't wait to find out where you will serve, to hear about all of your adventures, your new friends, your ups and downs...can't wait to fast and pray for your investigators and read your emails as a family every Monday night and even though you don't think I will,  I promise, no matter where you go...
I will send packages!!

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