Friday, July 5, 2013

Missing in Action?

No, not really...just incredibly, amazingly busy lately.  Remember Mason who returned from his mission last year?  Well...he just got married to an amazing girl.  They wanted to get married before Matthew left on his mission in mid-July and they would like for Matt to have his "own moment" so they wanted to have their "moment" in June - 3 weeks ago.  Add to that shopping for Matt's mission and trying to have "dinner meetings" with him (I'll have to post about that sometime...they are just little PPI's which I think stands for Personal Priesthood Interview where over dinner Jeff and I coach Matt in all things 'it's not about the numbers,' and 'Zone Leaders don't know everything even though they think they do,' and 'the importance of being obedient,' etc.).  Add to that car shopping because the newest car and the one with the least miles just happened to throw a rod.  Going on a long planned for and much anticipated hiking trip to Arches National Park with my mission companion and her husband.  Trying to arrange for family photos and a family vacation (we did a 'stay-cation')...AND, count them, two daughters had to have surgery.  All squoze (is that even a word?!) in since April.  Oh!  Did I forget to mention that Mason and Patty had their wedding reception in our yard?  Anyway.  As you can see, we are incredibly, amazingly, blissfully busy around here.  I'll be back soon.  Promise.

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