Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thank heaven for little GIRLS!

My oldest daughter Kiri and her husband Brad, are expecting their first and MY first grandchild in March (2014).  They made the big announcement just days before Matt left on his mission and this week was the 'big reveal' to let us know what they're having.  I wanted to send something fun for Matt to let him know and get him as excited as we are and to help him feel a part of the big event.  In my mind, I wanted to send him a large box with a pink or blue helium filled balloon inside.  He'd open the box and the balloon would float up and it would be so cute.  Realistically that won't work though.  Sad day.  All his mail has to go through the Mission Home and the Zone Leaders only come in once a month to pick up packages and the helium AND the balloon would most definitely be totally dead by then. ...heavy sigh...  My husband came up with this idea and it will be just as cute and useful as well.

and just in case you're announcing a boy...


  1. I Love the tie idea! It is a great idea! So so fun!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! It's been pretty fun around here lately! Thanks for stopping by...