Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hugs & Kisses

My friend, Kristen is a new missionary mom.  In fact, her son just arrived in Finland a few days ago. She put together an awesome Valentine's Day package for him when he was in the MTC and was kind enough to 'share the love' with us other missionary moms.   She made this adorable 'Hugs & Kisses' printable to fit inside a regular snack size reclosable baggie filled with Hershey Hugs & Kisses...of course.  So cute!

One is missionary specific...
(click here to download)

...and one is for all the other people that you love!
(click here to download)

Here's Kristen's finished product...Isn't it adorable?!  I absolutely LOVE the doily on the outside of the box.  So cute!  I love the polka dot cookie canisters (to find out how to create your own, click here; don't want to send quite that many cookies?  Click here and scroll almost to the bottom of the post).  Kristen used wrapping paper instead of scrapbook paper on her canisters.  Lots cheaper especially if it's some that you already have laying around.

Check out the blog of this amazingly, talented mom at Birthday Blueprint ( She has a million creative ideas! Thanks for sharing, Kristen!

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