Thursday, March 13, 2014

St. Patty's Day - Mint Patty Wrapper

Thought I'd fill you in on what I dropped off at the post office this week.  I designed a wrapper to go around a king size peppermint patty and it turned out SO cute!  I looked everywhere for these mint patty's when Mason was serving in Ohio and couldn't find them anywhere.  Found them at my local CalRanch store.  Go figure.  I can find the York brand everywhere but I liked how the Pearson's brand comes in a green wrapper. Probably doesn't really matter...I'm just anal like that.  (Note:  my printer prints SUPER dark!)

click here or on the image above to download this free printable

I've been trying to come up with package ideas on a somewhat smaller scale lately.  Those of you with foreign missionaries know that the price for postage can be astronomical.  I've labeled these as '4 lbs or less!' - hope it helps!
Click here to see the finished package...

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