Saturday, November 29, 2014

True Crew Temple Socks!

The night before my daughter's birthday I received an email from Stacey at True Crew Socks.  She had stumbled up on my blog while she was setting up a Pinterest account for their new sock company based out of Bellevue, Washington - where my son is serving. These athletic socks are based on the popular skyline socks that started in Seattle a few years ago only they feature the silhouette of an LDS temple instead! How brilliant is that?!

I quickly looked up their company and ordered a few pair.  Maren is a sports fanatic and has a particular obsession with athletic socks.  Go figure...most girls love Barbies...but not mine. Want to figure out something that will thrill her?  Go to the boys section of a sports store.  Girly-girls I have none.  I ordered two pair of the Seattle Temple - one for Maren and one for Matt; and a Salt Lake Temple pair in black and red.  She has a ton of black and red athletic gear.  I printed off photos of the socks and tied a ribbon around them.  Maren was so excited when she opened them!  Then the wait by the mailbox began..."Mom, did my socks come?"  Lucky for her they were here in no time!

For the moment the socks only come in one size - adult (one size fits most 7-11).  They don't have plans to do any in youth sizes unless there is a large demand in the future.  Do not despair!  Maren is 13 and wears a size 7 youth. Both pair were too big but I called True Crew and they suggested that I wash and dry them to get them to shrink.  Maren decided to give the Salt Lake Temple ones (which run a little bigger) to her big brother who is 17 and wears a size...big.  I don't know what size he wears, just normal for a teenage boy.  They fit him perfectly. We washed the Seattle ones in hot and then dried them on hot. We did this four times and each time they would shrink just a bit more.  They fit her perfectly now and she couldn't be more thrilled.  They've been washed several times since then and have stayed put but I usually only wash on warm or cold. If you're buying them for your missionary you won't have to worry.  They will fit great! Currently they carry:

Salt Lake
San Diego
Washington D.C.

The Seattle temple is their 10th and latest design.  If sales continue to grow they plan to introduce a new temple or color every quarter although they can "create any temple in any color with a pre-order of 50 pair - so if your family wants the Atlanta Temple in pink because that's Grandma's favorite temple and color, they can do that.  Socks for all the cousins!" (That's a direct quote from Stacey.)

Currently they only ship stateside however, if you need shipping outside of the United States you can email them via the 'Contact' tab on their website and they can price shipping options.  AND, just in time for Christmas, they have added gift wrapping with a customized gift tag!  Just add 'Gift Wrap' as a product when you order. Not only will they take care of the gift wrapping, but they'll "tackle the lines at the post office too, sending direct to your missionary (or college student, etc.) saving you time and shipping costs." (That's another Stacey quote.)

My son has been serving in the Washington Seattle Mission for the past 16 months and the Seattle Skyline socks have been his go-to gift for each of his siblings birthdays.  We are so excited to send him a pair with the Seattle temple for Christmas.  He will LOVE them! Now, get online and order a pair for my nephew in  Vancouver, Washington...oh, and one for each of their companions...and...

Disclosure of material connection:  
I received one of the products mentioned for posting and reviewing their product.  Regardless, I only recommend products that I love and feel that my readers will enjoy.  All opinions are mine.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, part 255, "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising"


  1. I love your blog. I think often of a post where you wrote about missionaries who don't get many letters or packages from home, in fact some get nothing! Something I am doing this year, for Christmas, is making up some stockings with a few fun items in them, also with a card (anonymous) and a bit of $ (missionaries are on tight budgets!) and dropping them off at the mission office, which is a fairly close drive for me. I will simply ask the people at the desk to just distribute them to whomever they choose. This saves me paying any postage and hopefully brings a smile to some faces of young boys/girls who are far from home, and may just be an answer to prayer. :) If I lived in any of the States whose temples are featured here, I'd certainly add some of these adorable socks to the stockings!
    Thanks for ALL your inspirational posts! :)

    1. What a kind thing for you to do! I'm sure they will absolutely LOVE anything they receive from you. Thanks for remembering them!

  2. I found your blog through pinterest, and just wanna say- I love what you do with it! :) It's very encouraging. :)

  3. I hope they get the Boise, Idaho Temple soon. When they do, I will be telling everyone I know in Idaho. My daughter gets off her mission on April 22nd next month. I'm so excited. Keep this blog going and never get rid of it, please. I have two more kids planning on going on a mission and you have some great ideas. Thank you for being a missionary by helping the missionaries. You are a blessing that is sharing more blessings with us missionary parents. Thank you.

    1. Carol, you are SO sweet! I love creating packages and I'm so happy to share with others. I have a few more children planning on serving missions as well along with 56 nieces and nephews on just my side...the first two are in the field now with many more to come. Fortunately for you, the missionary packages are still in full production (although I'm not super great at posting them very quickly)...unfortunately for my husband...he foots the bill!