Thursday, August 13, 2015


According to the missionary packet which you receive with your mission call, you are to label we did...except for Matt's dark know, the Gold Toe ones that you can buy at Costco and Sam's in bulk so they're cheaper much less expensive.  Yeah, we didn't label those.  It's not like a black laundry Sharpie is going to show up, right?  Well, it appears that a lot of missionaries take the Gold Toe socks on their mission...and when you combine efforts when doing laundry to cut down on expense, it just might mean that slowly...they start to disappear. 
Well that's what happened.  Within a transfer or two, poor Matt was down to less than a week's worth of socks.  Off I go to Sam's to pick up more socks with my brain spinning to figure out a way to mark his dark socks so he can quickly sort said socks from his companions...then it hit me...the Red Sox!  The Red Sox are Matt's favorite baseball team and at the time of the sock dilemma were on their way to the World Series.  Yes, I know that was in 2013 and now it's 2015...I'm a bit behind in posting.
So here's how we quickly marked Matt's socks.  Using the zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine I quickly zigged a half inch zag using red thread in the top of each sock.  Quick.  Easy.  Effective.  I mean, what are the odds that any other Elder in the Seattle Mission is going to have red zig-zag stitching in the tops of all his socks?  Oh...wait...until now.  Dang.  That's ok.  Not THAT many people read my blog.  Stitch away!

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