Sunday, August 11, 2013

Missionary "Trainer" Survival Kit

Trainer /ˈtrānər/ 1. To cause to grow  2. To form by instruction, discipline, or drill  3. To make or become prepared (as by exercise) for a test of skill  4. One who trains especially one who coaches  5. An unofficial term used by missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that applies to a missionary's first companion.  May also be referred to as their 'mission mom/dad'.
syn. discipline, school, educate, instruct
I love the MTC Survival Kits that are found on Pinterest and other places on the internet and I was really looking forward to sending one to Matt while he was there but didn't get to.  (Insert sad face here)  While I was ever-so grateful that Matt would be serving stateside I was sad to find out that he would only be in the MTC for twelve days.  Not much time so I decided to forego the 'fun' MTC Survival kit, send him a 'spiritual' Greenie package when he arrived in the field and come up with a FUN Survival Kit for his first companion.*  Don't worry.  Matt and his District received many packages but they didn't contain anything that they would have to lug around the world with them i.e.. homemade goodies.
*Note: There are two links at the bottom of this post. 
One directs you to the printables if you are sending this package TO your
missionary's trainer and the other directs you to the printables
if your missionary IS the trainer.
The template is designed to print on both sides of the same piece of white cardstock.  You may need to experiment with your printer to figure out which way to turn the paper for the second side...or take it to the copy shop and make them figure it out so you don't waste a ton of ink.  I've listed the contents of the package below:  the first line is the item that will be placed in the cellophane bag, the second is the text on the outside of the gift card and the third (and sometimes fourth line) is the text from the inside of the card. 
Here's a helpful hint:  Leave the 'item' tag (see arrow on the upper right of the above photo) attached to the gift card until you are ready to attach to the cellophane bag otherwise you have to strain your brain to try to remember which item went with which card.  Learn from my experience.  I make mistakes so you don't have to!
Here we go...
For those days that are just downright...
...discouraging.   Sometimes chocolate really does solve everything.
Sometimes you just need a therapist!
Yup.  Sometimes that what it takes but when that's not an option, write in your journal.
So...therapy isn't an option...journaling isn't working
...maybe try worry balls?  Give these babies a squeeze to work out your frustrations.
Need a hug?
This is the best we can do from this far away. 
Just know that we love you for training our missionary.
"All missionaries, younger and older,...
...serve with the sole hope of making life better for other people." Elder Russell M. Nelson
Wear out your 'soles'!
(like a yo-yo, paddle ball, etc)
Serving God is the greatest adventure... the WORLD.
(FYI:  Melatonin is your sleep hormone that kicks in at night to help you fall asleep. 
You can buy supplements in the vitamin section of your grocery store or at a health food store.)
Everything always looks better after...
...a good night's sleep.  Get plenty of rest.
You were 'mint' to be companions.
IT'S TRUE!  We've been praying for you for a long time now...still are.
"Train up a 'greenie' in the way he should go: and when he is a trainer,
he will not depart from it." ...or something like that.  Teach.  Walk the walk.  Be a light.
D & C 89:10-12
All those things your mom taught right.
Man cannot live on Big Mac's and Krispie Kreme's alone
 no matter what your companion says.
"All you need is LOVE"
"LOVE is all you need!" Do you love your companion? Break the ice...
get to know one another.  Become friends!
(I put all of them in one bag)
+ - first aid symbol
Headache?  Indigestion? Sore Throat? We've got you covered!
All the extra stress of training a missionary can take it's toll on your health. Stay healthy!

This package was so much fun to put together and I hope his companion will be thrilled with it. I placed each item into a cellophane bag  then attached the gift tag to the bag with several pieces of fine jute that I had laying around then trimmed the ends to make them even.  (Is my OCD showing?)
Everything will fit really well inside a medium Flat Rate box (from the Post Office).  Line the box with tissue - I chose one sheet each of red, yellow and blue.  Place all items inside the box.  Write a letter to your missionary's trainer (or write it on the back of the printable).  This is important and will mean a lot to them.  Make it heartfelt.  If your missionary IS the trainer make sure that you click the appropriate link below.  Place the letter on top of the kit then cover with the tissue paper and top with the 'Missionary Trainer Survival Kit' printable.  All done!


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