Friday, May 23, 2014

Cinco de'Mayo - a District package

I sent two different Cinco de'Mayo packages this year.  Matt was assigned to be a District Leader on a recent transfer and I thought it would be fun to send something for his entire District to the package for him and the package for the other missionaries that I send things to was somewhat different (click here for the other Cinco de'Mayo package).  You can pick what suits you and your missionary the best.

Package topper.
Place on the top of your package.  Don't forget to write a note to your missionary on the back or include some kind of a letter to them.  You never know...this might be the only correspondence that your missionary receives this week (or month!) and while a package is wonderful, 
our missionaries long for actual letters.

Cinco de'Mayo is a holiday commemorating a battle that took place on May 5th between Mexico and France.  France invaded Mexico in order to collect on past due war debts and while the French military was significantly larger and better equipped, the Mexican military least in that particular battle. While Mexico does little at the present time to commemorate Cinco de'Mayo (with the exception of Puebla, Mexico, where the battle took place) preferring to celebrate their Independence Day (in September), the United States, with its many Hispanic communities celebrates with parades, dancing, singing and lots and lots of delicious, scrumptious, amazing food.  Yup.  I'm a foodie at heart.

For the District's package, I loaded up on the many varieties of tortilla chips that Pringles has on the market.  There are plenty to choose from.  While I would personally prefer the good old fashioned kind of tortilla chips that come in a bag, those do not travel well especially when combined with jars of salsa and con queso dip.  Don't get me wrong, they taste great...I'm just old fashioned at heart.  Look for salsa that comes in a plastic jar.  I was unable to find any Con Queso in a plastic container so I enclosed it in a large resealable plastic bag and wrapped it in bubble wrap.  Should make it to Washington in one piece...and if it doesn't?  Well, at least the mess will all be inside the plastic bag. You know how the post office asks you if there is "anything that is liquid or perishable" included in your package?  I said, "Yes."  They said, "What?"  I said, "Salsa and Con Queso." They said, "Ok."  That was it.  An entire world of packages ideas just opened up in my mind!

I wanted to send something for desert and considered making some Dulce de'Leche cookies but I was kind of in a time crunch wanting to get this in the mail before my husband and I took of to Hawaii for a business trip.  (Yup, that's where I'm at right now.  He's in meetings and I'm sitting in the room, overlooking the ocean, listening to the waves and the birds, watching the paddle boarders, keeping my eyes on the lookout for any whales that are still out there...leftovers from this spring's migration, and chatting with all of you.  I'd be outside but I did that all day yesterday and now I resemble something similar to a lobster.  I'll sit in the shade and read in a bit...).  Back to business...I decided on sending these scrumptious delights for their dessert.  They are SOOOOO good!  A tiny bit on the pricey side but man!  They are so good that when my daughter brought them over for me to try I had to divide them into 100 calorie bags just so I could pace myself somewhat.  They are crazy good!  You can find them in your grocery store or in HUGE bags at Costco.

Because this package is for treats after District Meeting, I also included some red paper plates, yellow napkins, orange paper cups and some plastic spoons.  I get a little into color schemes.  I'm sure that my son doesn't even notice and just thinks I'm strange.  Just throw in what you have...

Line your box with coordinating tissue paper and fill with your Cinco de'Mayo treats.  I made some "educational" cards that teach a little bit of trivia surrounding the holiday and tied them together with some jute.  (see below for links to download the trivia cards) Place the package topper on top and then fold your tissue over the entire package.  They are sure to LOVE it.  Especially if they are serving in a place that doesn't have chips and salsa.  I served in Hong Kong and when Sister Hales received a package with chips and salsa...thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Click here to download the trivia cards

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