Friday, May 23, 2014

Office Supply Kit

When I served my mission I took along a 4"x6" recipe box with me filled with office supplies.  I like office supplies. I like knowing where to find a paperclip or a pair of scissors or have a mini stapler on hand when I need it.  My mini office came in very handy for me and my companions.  I put one together for each of my boys and my oldest even took his to college when he came home.  I still have mine and though I don't use it as often (I've got the bigger stuff in my desk) I still like having my mini office around just in case I need it.  Sometimes I take it with me to the Genealogy Library...

I purchased a handy plastic container with a snap on lid just like the one that I used for Matt's First Aid kit and filled it with just the essentials:

scissors (small pair)
small stapler w/ extra staples
post it notes
glue stick
White Out
paper clips
push pins or thumb tacs
small magnets
rubber bands
Super Glue (small tube)


  1. I LOVE this!! I've written everything down & now I'm off to click on your first aid kit. THANKS for sharing these!