Friday, May 23, 2014

Cinco de'Mayo

I sent out two different types of packages for Cinco de'Mayo this year - one for Matt's District (actually I used two medium size Flat Rate boxes from USPS), and one for the other missionaries that I send things to (one medium size Flat Rate box from USPS).

Pringles has a wide variety of tortilla style chips at the moment.  These will transport far better than chips in a bag which will undoubtedly  arrive to your missionary crushed and broken.  You will be able to fit two cans  into the medium size Flat Rate box which still allows plenty of room for other items.

I wanted to send things that they could use toward a Cinco de'Mayo meal and not just snacks.  I found these taco shells at the grocery store that come with not only six hard-shelled taco shells but also with six soft shell tortillas. Should be enough for even the heartiest of appetites.

Make sure to include some taco seasoning and some salsa.  I found salsa that comes in a four pack of individual servings which will work great for them to share with their companion. You could include some cash for your missionary so they can head to the store for the other essentials i.e. hamburger, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.  I also found some bags of microwavable Mexican rice that promises to be ready in 60 seconds.  Tacos along with the rice and a nice salad will round out a healthy meal for your missionary.

For dessert I included a bag of these scrumptious chocolate covered delights.  I love them all but the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds were so tempting that whenever I buy them I have to divide them up into 100 calorie packs just to keep some semblance of control and I don't even like pomegranates!  I don't buy them very often because everyone that knows me knows that I don't have much self-control when it comes to delicious food.  Once I start it's very hard to stop if 'ya know what I mean.  They can be a little on the pricey side. I picked mine up at Walmart but you can find them in any grocery store and they are about $5 a bag.  You can also find the HUGE ginormous bags at Costco.

Whenever our family goes on vacation I always try to throw in educational opportunities whenever I can and my missionary packages are no different.  Might as well learn something, right?!  I made some Cinco de'Mayo trivia cards that you can print out.  Just cut them out and tie them together with some jute.  Cute!

Line your box with some coordinating tissue and top with this page topper (see below).  Don't forget to include a message to your missionary on the back of the topper or include a personal letter just in case your package is the only correspondence that they receive that week (or month!).

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