Thursday, March 7, 2013

HD Slideshows via ProShow Gold

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jackie and I were discussing our sons upcoming Eagle Scout Court of Honor and she mentioned that it might be nice to do a slideshow of the boys.  Cringe. I have very many Scout photos?  Who do I bother to get more?  I don't even know how to make a slideshow...that means I'll have to call Janice - but she has a MAC...what would I have to do to change it to work on my PC?  Or I could bother Eric - but he's bishop now.  If I don't have time, he certainly doesn't have time...Those are the thoughts that are whizzing around in my head while outwardly I say, "That would be AWESOME!"  Which indeed it would be...if I can wrap my brain around it.  I do hate to bother other people.  Of course Janice says, "Yes!"  That's the kind of person she is.  We need to get out photos to her as soon as possible because she is busy the end of the week.  Of course the Court of Honor is the following Sunday.  I am a last minute kind of girl, in case you haven't noticed.

Skipping my Sunday nap, (which is the one and only perk to the 9 a.m. meeting schedule) I head into the office to go through photos and scan in those that I do have.  Jeff mentions, "You should call Eric he has tons of Scout photos."  Eric was the Scout Master and Jeff was his Assistant.  "I can't call Eric.  He's way too busy."  So I scan and search while Jeff takes a nap.  Fast forward and his nap is over..."You should really call Eric."  So I call Eric and apologize before even asking him for what I know will take him forever to do...and he says, "No problem!  My MAC has face recognition.  I'll just click on a photo of him then go eat dinner.  Should be done running when I'm finished eating."  Wait?!  What?!  There's such a thing?  Wonders of modern technology!  It's a miracle...but wait, there's more...

An hour later, Eric calls and tells me he's got a disk ready for me.  I explain about the slideshow and he says, "I'll do it for you."  "You absolutly will NOT!"  Then he makes a confession, and this is the part that this very long post is really all about, (I'm very long winded at times)  "I have this really amazing software.  It will make your slideshow in about 10 minutes.  I spend more time picking out the music than it takes to actually put together the slideshow."   Hmmm...Instantly Janice has her free time back and I get to learn something that I've always wanted to learn.

Proshow Gold (Photodex)*, the ultimate HD slideshow tool and my new favorite computer program.  Easy, peasy.  Seriously.  This program will easily combine as many photos, videos and songs as you want.  The wizard will help with automatic show creation and instant effects or, create it all on your own.  No matter how you choose to create your show, ProShow Gold also offers tons of built-in tools that let you edit your show content to perfection.  You can also use ProShow Gold to publish your show to 40+ formats for sharing online, on TV, DVD, Blu-ray, Facebook and YouTube.  There's even a button that you click if you want the program to sinc the song to your slideshow.  Brilliant!  Program is downloadable or for an extra $10 you can download it AND they'll send you a hardcopy.  On the downside...Eric was right.  It does take longer to pick the perfect music than the slideshow will take you to put together.  Here's a hint:  Piano Guys.*  Trust me.  If only learning Photoshop were this easy...
* Note:  I have not received any funds toward promoting ProShow Gold or Piano Guys.
I just really, really like them and thought you might too.


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