Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where in the World?

I whipped* these up for Matt's "Grand Opening" of his mission call and thought I'd share.  When people came to our home we just had them jot down their guess for where Matt would get called to serve.  Some of his friends posted their guess on Facebook or texted him and we entered their guess for them.  You can click here to make copies for your own "Grand Opening" celebration. NOTE: For some strange reason, known only to God himself...occasionally the link doesn't load correctly.  If this happens to you, I apologize from the depths of my heart. Please email me at and I will send it in an attachment right to your inbox. Don't worry...I check my inbox frequently.  I'm a bit of a fanatic about that.  I've tried to reload and repost to Box all to no avail...sigh...

So did we have a winner?  Yes!  Actually we had three winners...Connorton, Matt's brother was the only one present.  The other's had their prizes mailed to them.  Pretty amazing evening!

*Disclaimer:  I shouldn't actually say "I whipped these up" daughter Rebekah helped me create them on Photoshop and this is my first Photoshop project ever and it took a good portion of the morning.  The credit goes to Bek...she was very patient with me.  Thanks Bek!


  1. I am trying to download this and it says its unavailable. Or expired. Anyway you could email it to me? briwh1 at yahoo dot com

    1. Hope the email came through ok. I tried to download the file and it worked fine for me so hopefully whatever 'bug' was effecting the file has been exterminated. Enjoy!

  2. Hi, I am also trying to download and it is telling me the same thing. Could you email it to me. Thanks so much!

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  4. Its telling me the same thing. Might have to try something differant so that it would be easier to share your cute idea. Could I have it emailed to me also? His call should be here in a week..

  5. I know this post was awhile back, but could you email the file to me? Thanks!

  6. Sure Lauren! Can you email me your email address? Email request to