Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Bloom Where You're Planted" - Quote Card

Occasionally, when I'm sending a letter I will include a quote card.  Most of the time they go along with the theme or topic of my letter.  I know.  I'm strange.  That's the way I fly.  I try to always make them 4x6 inches so that they will fit nicely in a regular envelope.  Just print them onto heavy card stock and cut them out.  Occasionally, I send magnets (for their fridge) or a 4x6 inch frame with them when they leave on their mission.  That way they can use it to decorate their apartment and just change it out when they receive a different quote card. Just pick up a frame at the thrift or Dollar Store.   Laminated cards could be used as bookmarks. 
This would also make a nice birthday could send a new quote card every month.  Guess I better get busy and make some more!!
Click here to download the quote card.
Photo credit:  yeah...I don't know.  I always go to the free photo sites
and most of the time they don't tell you who took the photo.  Sorry.

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