Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gingerbread House Kit

Matt was working with a family during his first Christmas season in Seattle and was looking for ideas of things to help build their relationship with the little kids.  I had just stumbled upon some Gingerbread House kits while I was at IKEA (love that store!) and because I'm lazy busy during the holidays I had picked up a bunch for the kids to use.  Check THAT little tradition off my list of things to do!  They never eat the gingerbread anyway.  Actually, I think these are their Pepparkaka ginger cookie not gingerbread...even better.  They are delish!  Anyhow, I think they were $3 for each kit.  How could I NOT?  I thought this would be a great Family Home Evening activity for them to do with this cute little family.  Nothing better than bonding over FOOD, right?
I picked up a bunch of candy and some powdered meringue* to use for the Royal Icing so that it didn't need to be refrigerated because of the raw egg whites.  Mixed up a large batch and put it in a Ziploc bag.  Threw in a couple of frosting tips along with some instructions and a piece of foil covered cardboard and voilà!
*Note:  You can purchase meringue powder anywhere cake decorating supplies are sold.  The recipe is on the container.
click here to download the Gingerbread House package topper

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