Thursday, August 18, 2016

Here I Am!!

I'm here...maybe you thought I had dropped off the edge of the planet?  Or that I didn't have a missionary out?  Well, one missionary has come home from Seattle just over a year ago and another has gone to beautiful Alaska and has been out five months...AND...I currently have nephews in Russia and New Zealand and nieces in Russia, Massachusetts and Virginia so I'm sending out packages for six.  Ka CHING!!  Mind you the ones out of the country get packages that are significantly smaller.  I am still very much in the mode of creative packages...just have a lot less time to blog about them.  With work three days a week and babysitting my grandson the other two days of the week it doesn't leave a whole lot of time to blog about them but I take photos with the hope that one day...

Guess what?!  It's 'one day'!  Yesterday my husband and I arrived in San Francisco for a work convention.  He's in meetings.  Me?  Trying to catch up on some blog posts.  YAY!!  So, if you're a 'follower' then please accept my apologies but I'm going to try to flood your inbox with new posts over the next few days.
Note:  No, this isn't the view from my hotel window and it's a good thing because I wouldn't get ANYTHING accomplished this week I'd just be day view is of the freeway and construction.  Still.  Happy to be here!  (photo credit:  I wish I knew.  Isn't it beautiful?)

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