Saturday, November 23, 2013

Acorn Bites!

You've probably seen these on Pinterest but they are so adorable that I just couldn't resist making some and sending them to our missionaries.  Truth be told, I think when I first saw them I may or may not have let out a little scream of excitement.  Yup.  They are just that cute.  They are super easy, way fast, relatively inexpensive (I say 'relatively' simply because they make a TON so you can send out lots or give some away to family and friends), and YUMMY!!  I'd give credit but these are seriously EVERYWHERE on the web...
Supplies needed:
Mini Vanilla Wafers
(I found these in our local supermarket. 
They come in the same size box as the regular Vanilla Wafers.)
Hershey Kiss candy
Peanut Butter Chips
(Like chocolate chips only peanut butter!
You can find these by the chocolate chips
in the baking section of your local grocer.)
Caramels (optional)
Begin by unwrapping your Hershey Kisses then melt a small amount of your peanut butter chips.  The peanut butter chips will be your 'glue' to attach everything together OR you could use peanut butter chips to attach the acorn's stem (because it's the same color and shows more) and then use melted caramel to attach the cookie to the kiss.  If you opt for the peanut butter/caramel version you will only need a small amount of melted chips and your finished version will taste just like a Twix candy bar.  Seriously YUMMY!!
Dip the bottom of your Hershey Kiss into the melted peanut butter chips or caramel. Wipe off some of the excess on the edge of the bowl and apply your Mini Vanilla Wafer.  I've also seen this done with Mini Nutter Butter Cookies and while I do like the added texture to the top of the acorn, I didn't want to have to take the cookies apart.  You don't need very much 'glue' otherwise it will squish out around the edges and look messy.  Yup.  Learn from my experience.  On the bright side:  You can eat your mistakes!  Lay them aside on a cookie sheet to set up a bit.

Following the same procedure, attach the peanut butter chip 'stem' to the top of your acorn and set aside.  It doesn't take long for them to set up.
Note:  Please excuse the fact that I was multi-tasking and making dinner at the same time as I was making acorns...and the black in my nails is actually Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint from yet another project earlier in the day.  I tend to cram a LOT into my day's off work.


I sent out quite a few of these acorn bites so I came up with two ideas for packaging.  I loved the little paint cans that I found at the craft store ($2.99) but they were too large to send in the small flat rate boxes from the post office so I only sent those to my son and his companion.  I found the 'Count Your Blessings' free printable online at  They were the perfect size for the center of my paint can.  Then I tied scraps of coordinating ribbon and fiber to the handle (see the photo at the beginning of the post).
I made a bag topper for the other Acorn Bites that I was sending out.  Just put your acorns into a regular sized reclosable sandwich baggie,  seal closed, place your folded bag tag over and staple.  I folded down the top part of my baggie because I didn't fill them all the way full.  Sorry that I forgot to take photos of the finished product.  Don't know where my brain was...
Print the bag topper onto white cardstock and fold in half.
Click here to download the free 'Give Thanks' printable.

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