Friday, November 22, 2013

Fancy Candy

My friend, Cindi at work brought in some candy bars for Halloween.  She had wrapped them in cute chevron wrapping paper and decorated them with ribbons and bows and they were absolutely adorable and incredibly fast, easy and inexpensive (which my husband always loves).  I had already sent Matt's Halloween package but I thought this would be fun to include in his Thanksgiving package.  My thoughts were thus:  There can never be quite enough chocolate.  I realize that not everyone has the same feelings towards chocolate that I do and I also realize that missionary's get lots of treats so should they decide that they don't want to partake, I thought that Matt and his companion could use them as little gifts for those family's that invite them over on Thanksgiving day for dinner. 
Supplies needed:
wrapping paper or scrapbook paper
coordinating ribbons and embellishments
clear tape
large candy bars
These are really simple and pretty self-explanatory...just make a sleeve out of scrapbook paper or wrapping paper and tape it around your wrapped candy bar.  Add any embellishments that you would like i.e. ribbons, bows, stickers, etc.  Then attach a cute tag. I made mine out of coordinating paper and added a sticker to the front and back along with a 'thought'.  I didn't sign our names because I didn't know if they would be giving them away. 
Here's another look at the finished product.  This would be so easy to make for any holiday - Christmas 'thoughts' for your gift tags are already available to download by clicking the link above.  These would even be fun to give out to your Visiting Teaching or Home Teaching families or for a your missionary's birthday.  Happy Holidays!!
PS:  Thanks, Lynnae for helping me
create these little gems. 
Whatever would I do without you?

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