Saturday, November 2, 2013

TALKS - "It is Better to Look Up"

Matt likes us to send inspirational talks.  He is really into studying and only has the 'approved' book list, his scriptures and Preach My Gospel to study from.  He can't even have Lectures on Faith which is amazing to me as it is by the prophet Joseph Smith and was declared to be 'doctrine' in 1835.  Strange.  "Ours is not to reason why..." (Alfred Lord Tennyson)  Anyhow...I CAN send him printouts of things, he just can't have the actual real deal. 
As I stumble upon talks that I think Matt might like, or that he needs to hear, or that are on a particular topic that he is studying on I like to 're-do' them a bit to make them more missionary friendly.  Adjust the font and line spacing, add a photo as well as a title and small summary of what the talk is about and make them double sided to save on postage.  It occurred to me that you might like these as well so from time to time as I stumble upon them or search for things he wants or needs I'll share them with you.

You could also send your missionary a nice binder so they have a place to keep the talks you send.  Make sure you pre-punch the holes for them or put the talks in sheet protectors prior to mailing.  Enjoy!
Click on the image of the speaker to download.

Don't forget to change your printer to print 'double-sided'...
On my PC: click on 'Print', click on 'Properties' tab, click on 'Finishing',
click on 'Print on both sides', click on 'ok', click on 'ok' - should be good to go!

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