Monday, November 18, 2013

Music - "Called to Serve"

featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra
Craig Jessop & Max Wilberg - Conductors
Called to Serve
Redeemer of Israel
I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go
How Firm a Foundation
I Am a Child of God
I Believe in Christ
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
Ye Elders of Israel
I Know That My Redeemer Lives
High on the Mountain Top
He Sent His Son
Come, Come, Ye Saints
This Is The Christ
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning
Listed as a "must-have CD" for any LDS home, especially those with missionaries in the field."  A brilliant collection of church hymns with a few Primary songs mixed in.  Will warm your heart and fill your missionary with enthusiasm for God's work.


  1. Got this one and HIMS II. Those are so good! Thanks for the ideas on the others because I've been searching for more! I really like your Christmas song list. I am going to do this next Christmas for sure. Have you heard of this one yet? I picked it up for my missionary at Seagull Books last November (2013) for only $3. Looks like it's free here? Not sure if it still is or not. But it's really good too.

    My missionary's brother plays the piano quite well and so after he'd been out in the field a couple months, he sent a letter to his brother asking him to record himself playing the church hymns he's played at church and any others he wanted to record. So Matthew did that for him. He worked really hard at it and it turned out really nice. So if you have a musician in the family, that's another good idea... record piano, guitar, violin, even singing and send it. My missionary told us that it is his FAVORITE CD out of all of them....probably because it truly touches his heartstrings more than the others?
    Have a great day! Katrina

  2. Here's another one that is really, really good to add to a CD. It's a free download there. Just beautiful and also a beautiful story of how the professional version of it was created.