Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Box of Sun

As many of you know, Matt is serving in Seattle.  It's raining a LOT there and he is getting a little low  and dispirited.  Our doctor here thinks that he might be suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) because Matt was a sun God prior to his mission.  He and his brothers operate a yard care business during the summer and then during the winter he was a snow board instructor at a ski resort here in Utah.  To go from solid sun to solid grey has been a bit trying on both he and his companion.  My cute sister and her daughters put together this Box of Sun to help brighten his  He is going to LOVE it!

They found this adorable printable from to include. 
You can find it here.
Here's a list 'sunny' ideas:
Werther's candy
Grandma's relish (it's yellow)
Golden Oreo Cookies
yellow kitchen towels
yellow StarBursts
dish scrubby thingie
Lemon drink flavoring
(which I've heard is to die for)

lemon scented hand soap
butterscotch disks
Lemonade cupcakes
butter microwave popcorn
yellow Noisy Putty
(it makes little 'improper' sounds when you play with it. Matt is going to love it!)

yellow rain poncho
(cause if you've gotta wear a rain poncho you may as well be in sunny YELLOW!)
silly string
Juicy Fruit gum
Lemon Head candy
Lemon Head candy canes
(who knew?)
yellow PostIt Notes
Mr. Goodbar candy bars
yellow hippopotamus Punch Ball

and a...yellow tie
(Because you can't send an Elder a package without a tie.  Am I right?)

Everyone also included a little letter...

And the finished product!  It all fit into the medium Flat Rate box from the post office.
Thanks Arave family!  (I have the best family EVER!)
Elder Brown is going to be happy, hapPY, HAPPY!!

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