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Rustic Christmas Advent Calendar

Today's post is courtesy of Marcie - one of my best friends, former mission companion (Macau ROCKS!!), and a missionary mom to Hannah serving in California.  She found these adorable, rustic burlap bag advent calendars at her local craft store, decorated them, and filled them with a scripture reminiscent of the season and a coordinating treat.  They are amazing and her missionary is going to LOVE them.

While your local craft store may not have this exact product, you could easily make your own using burlap from the fabric/craft store OR...

...I found these little beauties online from
Just string them together with a little jute.  CUTE!!

They measure 3.5"x 5" - which is larger than Marcie's.  On the bright side, now there will be room for double treats in the bag.  One for your missionary and one for their companion.  They are bundled in packages of 24 (Perfect count for an advent calendar!) for $12.  The same product is offered here through only these are bundled in packages of 50 for $16 so if you need to make two advent calendars, this would be perfect.  You probably couldn't buy burlap for that price.
Click on the above photo and it will take you right there...


Decorate your bags - if desired.

Number your bags - this is really a is after all, an Advent Calendar, right?

Now you get to fill your bags with all sorts of fun things that will help bring a bit of the season into your missionary's life every day leading to Christmas.  Marcie was kind enough to include a list of the ideas that she used.  They are in no particular order but it wouldn't be difficult to put them into a specific order should you choose.  These are all spiritual based and would be a fun addition to their companionship study each morning.  Thanks, Marcie!!

Scripture Countdown: 
John 3:16
(wrapped square chocolate tied with a ribbon to look like a gift)
Doctrine & Covenants 43:34
(pack of Lifesavers - Savior)
Luke 22:44
(red jelly beans - to represent 'blood')
Isaiah 1:18
(white jelly beans - to represent 'purity')
Matthew 2:7-8
(M&M's - to represent W for 'Wisemen')
John 10:14
(candy cane - to represent the 'Good Shepard')
Matthew 2:9
(yellow Starburst candies - to represent the 'star')
Matthew 2:11
(gold candy coins - to represent 'gold, frankincense and myrh')
John 6:35
(animal crackers - to represent the 'bread of life')
John 6:40
(green jelly beans - to represent 'everlasting life')
Doctrine & Covenants 76:41
(cinnamon bear or gummy bears - to represent 'bear our sins')
John 14:27
(Reese's Pieces candy - to represent 'peace')
Doctrine & Covenants 133:22
(Ande's mints - to represent 'mountain')
2 Nephi 26:25
(Bit-o-honey candy - to represent 'honey')
Matthew 26:39
(mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cup candy - to represent 'remove this cup')
Luke 6:21
(mini Snicker's candy bar - to represent 'laughter')
Matthew 4:19
(Swedish Fish - to represent 'fishers of men')
Hymn 201, Joy to the World, sing all verses
(mini Almond Joy candy bar)
Hymn 214, I Heard the Bells, sing all verses
(chocolate covered bell candy)
John 15:1
(licorice pieces - to represent the 'true vine')
Matthew 11:29
(Smartie candy - to represent 'learn of me')
 3 Nephi 11:19
(Hershey's Kiss candy - to represent 'kiss His feet')
Alma 7:12
(sucker - to represent 'succor')
3 Nephi 11:11
(dark chocolate - to represent 'bitter cup')

To make tags to insert into your bag, simply cut cardstock into the appropriate size for your bags, punch a hole in one end and attach a ribbon, decorate tag, if desired with stickers, etc., and hand write the scripture reference onto your tag.  You could actually print out the scripture in it's entirety but in my opinion (for what that's worth!), it would be more effective and strengthen the companionship if they looked up the scripture and read it aloud together.  Just a thought...
For those small items listed above i.e. jelly beans, M&M's etc., put them into a small reclosable bag (like this, for example available from Amazon or the jewelry department of your local craft shop) or wrap them in plastic wrap so they don't fall out during the mailing process.


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