Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's raining in Seattle...AGAIN!!

It's raining in Seattle again.  I know.  Shocking, isn't it?  We're making the best of it though and sending Matt an umbrella for his birthday.  He already has one but he doesn't have one quite like this one.  I am so excited!   (wink!  Thanks, Pinterest and The Seasonal Home!)

Supplies:          umbrella                                               tape
                        curly ribbon                                          scissors
                        $$$  (in a variety of denominations)

Cut ribbon into strands measuring two feet in length.

Curl each piece of ribbon with scissors.
(Don't know how?  Click here.)

Tape one end of the curled ribbon to one end of each bill.

Side note:  Jeff came in and took all of the bills...brought them back a few minutes later IRONED!!!  ...and they call ME anal!  They do look nicer though...I think I'll keep him.

Open the umbrella and tie each ribbon onto the umbrella supports inside.  Just tie an overhand when you start to tie your shoe (That is called an overhand knot, isn't it?  It's been awhile since Cubs...) 

Anything more than a single knot is going to be a pain for your missionary to untie and I want mine to be able to use the umbrella should he need another one.  Don't tie the end of the ribbon to the support.  Tie it somewhere in the middle so you have a curly streamer to hang down next to the bill. It'll look like there's a PARTY goin' on under there!

Can you believe there's 25 individual bills tied under there?  Doesn't look like that many...

Close your umbrella part way.  Tuck all of the bills and streamers inside.  I found it easier to put my half-closed umbrella on the floor, tuck everything in and then push it closed.

Not wanting Matt to just toss the umbrella aside until the next rainy Seattle day, I tied a ribbon around it with a card attached that said, "OPEN ME!!"  Think he'll get the hint?  I had a 'Happy Birthday' printable from I Heart Nap Time that I had downloaded a while ago.  I just re-sized it to the size I wanted it to be and printed the 'open me' message on the back. 

Don't you just love it?  It's free and comes in a 16x20 print.
You can get information on the 'Happy Birthday' printable by clicking on the image above
or by visiting
Thanks Eileen from The Seasonal Home for the awesome idea!


  1. My brother in law is in Seattle Spanish Speaking!! How cool! Totally going to buy him an umbrella and send it this weekend!! Great idea!

  2. That's awesome, Bri! He's going to LOVE it!!