Saturday, January 11, 2014

Don't open until Christmas!

Matt and I had an "understanding" this Christmas.  He was to open every package that came to him from me.  If the contents were wrapped then he was to put them under the tree to open on Christmas morning. If the contents were not wrapped then he could take them out to enjoy during the holidays - like Christmas treats and decorations, etc.  I figured that if I wrote 'Do Not Open Until Christmas' on the outside of the box that would be a little too obvious that gifts were enclosed and someone might nab them off his porch before Matt got back to his apartment.

I put together a stocking for Matt and his companion and mailed them separately in the medium Flat Rate box from USPS.  I didn't want to wrap the stocking but I didn't want him to open it until Christmas morning either so I made a printable to put on top. 

1)  Line your box with tissue paper.
2) Place stocking and other 'Christmas morning' items inside.
3) Fold the tissue paper over the contents.
4) Place printable on top and tape box closed.

For step by step instructions on making the missionary stocking below, click here.
Note:  The tie can be removed for your missionary to wear

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