Friday, January 17, 2014

Cheesecake! It's a tradition

Matt and I share a birthday.  He was the best birthday present ever and I have always loved sharing our birthdays.  Mom's and Dad's tend to get a little passed over when it comes to celebrating their birthdays at least that's what happens at our house.  However, ever since Matthew was born we ALWAYS have a cake, we ALWAYS go out to lunch (well, except for that one year when he was 16 and a bunch of GIRLS took him to lunch.  Lame.), and we ALWAYS go do something as a family. Can you see why I love sharing my birthday?

Matt's favorite cake is a Dulce de Leche Cheesecake.  I found a couple of places online that will deliver cheesecakes and decided upon Gourmet Gift Baskets at  Their customer reviews were all good and their price point was the best that I had found.  Lucky for me Matt was just transferred last Monday and he and his companion are now living with a member family.  With the help of the local bishop's wife in his new Seattle ward, I was able to track down the family and their address and I had the cheesecake mailed directly to them because FedEx does not like to deliver to apartments.  It was's tradition, and it's his birthday...and my baby's a missionary...what'cha gonna do?

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