Thursday, January 9, 2014

Make a Photo Book!

Every year my kids look forward to the Bouwhuis Family Camp Out.  We've been holding it for years and years and it is one of the traditions that my kids want to make sure we keep on doing when they have kids.  I have ten siblings and we all take turns planning the event though everyone is more than willing to pitch in and help with the planning.  The planner gets to plan the where, the when and the food.  

I wanted Matt to feel like he was included and missed so I took lots of photos and had them developed into 3x5 size.  I took a pack of  3x5 index cards and some pens and markers to the camp out and had everyone write messages to Matt then included them randomly in with the photos.

Make a punch template using a spare 3x5 index card.  Use this template as a guide so that all your holes are lined up and your stack will be neat and tidy...yup, my OCD is always kicking in...OR your could take the entire stack to the copy shop and have them drill the holes.

Make a cover and a back for your Photo Book. 
Print it out onto heavy card stock and laminate it for durability.  

Add some large rings to the top and're done!
The whole thing will fit into a small Flat Rate box with just enough room for a little treat...
Almond Joy's for my fellow coconut lover.  
There's only two of us in the family.  
Sad for them.  
Good for US.
We never have to share!
(insert evil, maniacal laugh here)

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